Ys. Precision Machinery Machining Application      


              The feature of the CNC turn mill machine tool is in the integration of multiple functions such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, etc., all processes can be completed in one machine, which can reduce conversion processes, avoid human errors, and simplify tooling cost.    

              CNC turn mill machine process mainly on round workpieces, such as rings, bars, etc., which are gradually evolved from lathe processing. Use computer to control the machine's actions, operate with control panel and processing program to communicate with the computer and the machine tool, achieve accurate and stable mass production, avoid human error.

           The CNC turning and milling machine which is produced by Ys. Precision Machinery Co., LTD. is specialized in manufacturing precision mechanical parts, such as automobile and motorcycle parts, medical parts, hardware parts, and other precision machining to satisfy diverse needs.     

Flange plate

Leveling screws


        Beside the turret type turn mill center "2STB" , the most popular type of Swiss lathe, we also provide the "2STT Swiss type CNC turn mill machine" or "2ST 36 CNC turn mill machine" for more choices. More powerful CNC lathe which lathe with various type of driven tool funtions.  Processing small and long shaft workpieces without tool indexing time. It can enhance the production efficiency on stable and mess machining. The powerful tools system that the operator is convenient to use, you will not be missing a knife, but a  CNC turn mill machine from Ys. Precision machinery.

        Our CNC multitasking turn mill machine is suitable for the production of complex and delicate parts. Extensive automation equipment, fast automating operation machine increase production efficiency. Whether you need any precision products or components, we will provide the professional processing solution, Ys. Precision Machinery Co., LTD. is your ideal choice.

  • Auto parts
    CNC Turn mill machine is suitable for cutting various round bar, such as inner and outer cylinders, conical surfaces, cylindrical end surfaces, or complex drilling, flat surfaces, tooth shapes, and curved shapes. Many axle parts and gears of automobiles are made on a turning and milling machine, insisting on the quality and accuracy requirements, we are welcome to make sample and test as you require.
  • Medical accessories
    Various connection accessories such as artificial joints, artificial prostheses, precision medical grade steel nails, etc.
  • Hardware Accessories
    Various cylindrical single pieces or bars such as valves, joints, shafts, etc.
  • Mechanical Parts
    Usually produce on lots precision mechanical parts in many kinds of machinery industry like precision rod, bearing seat, bearing cover, ball screw, precision coupling, etc.